Alumni relations stream

Your alumni have the potential to be your schools most loyal and generous supporters. The alumni relations stream explores how to engage your school community, develop your network and maximise their giving potential.

Topics that will be covered in the 2020 alumni relations stream include: how to engage younger alumni, creating a strategic events programme and the power of engagement programmes.

Alumni relations stream session not to miss

Engaging with and learning from America: Awesome! Wow!

In America alumni relations and fundraising programmes are really easy - apparently everyone is a multi-millionaire who loves their alma mater beyond reason. This session dispels the myths surrounding successful alumni relations programmes in North America and explains why you really should get on a transatlantic flight.

Simon Jones, Director of Development, The Manchester Grammar School

Alumni relations podcast

At the 2019 conference, Emma McFadyen, Head of Alumni Relations and Volunteering for the University of Exeter, spoke about how engaging your alumni in your careers programme can deepen the relationship with your alumni and support your students. Listen to Emma discuss the main benefits and challenges they had to overcome in developing their careers programmes.

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