Fundraising stream

The fundraising stream covers everything from setting up a development office, to identifying prospects, to making the ask. These sessions will refine your skills and support you to create change through your fundraising programme.

Topics covered in the 2020 fundraising stream include: major gifts - how to ask, giving days and legacies.

Fundraising session not to miss

Learning to say ‘thank you’: the role of donor acknowledgements in the educational sector

This talk will present research demonstrating the positive effect of ‘thank you’ communications on fundraising income, how good donors feel about themselves, and their relationship with your school. We will then discuss how to design a successful acknowledgement programme for your school’s donors using an example of successful implementation from an independent day school.

Dr Kathryn Carpenter, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy; Fiona Ross, Development Director, Grammar School at Leeds

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