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State schools


‘[The conference] …always provides me with inspiration at a time when I am planning for the next year.’ [2016 state school delegate]

The conference programme reflects the diversity of IDPE’s membership, with fundraisers and alumni relations professionals from both the state and independent sectors coming together to share ideas and seek support.


How can the lessons learnt in the independent sector be applied to your school?


The vast majority of the sessions at the 2017 conference are suitable for schools from all sectors covering a wide-range of fundraising and alumni engagement topics.   For newer state school members it is particularly beneficial to hear case studies from independent schools (both large and small) who have been fundraising for many years.


Sessions of particular interest to state school delegates


There are challenges and issues that are specific to development in state schools and to address these we will be offering sessions that focus on state school fundraising and alumni engagement.   These include:


    Engaging with parents in the state school sector


    Building alumni relations in state schools through the Advanced Learning Alliance


    Using grant funding to increase opportunities for pupils



IDPE State School Forum


The state school forum is an informal meet-up for development professionals in state schools.  Meet your peers in a roundtable setting to share common challenges, seek support and discuss issues pertinent to state school fundraising and alumni engagement.


If you work in a state school and want to find out more about how the IDPE conference will benefit you, please call the IDPE office on 01225 829030.